A journey into secondlife

My Secondlife experiences living in a digital society.



Secondlife GIF

GIF Reaction to the quote “We clamor for the right to opacity for everyone” Edouard Glissant. The Poetics of Relation p 194.

To be or not to be me, I could be anybody… but I’d still, be me.


Exhibition, preparation and Teamwork.

Whatyhamacallit, Burnsygirl, FreddymcFreddy and I met in D.I.T after I was asked to upload the images for the Exhibition to textures to apply them to a canvas shaped object in Secondlife like before but on a larger scale Burnsy gave me 100 Freddy gave me 150 and whatya gave me 100, I still have most of the pocket-money Acuppatea gave us all also have the textures for Inchydoney and Jackmittens as I helped them with their technical difficulties mostly caused by the ram needed to power the Secondlife viewer, it doesn’t work well on laptop, wich we all use,  to many people I recommend the singularity viewer, it a more efficient smaller program… After that we headed to a fancy shop to grab some gowns from Lucky chairs, and headed over to Newbie World to try on our Avi’s and dresses, at one point, I completely lost whatya, got a message saying help me! I’m naked and I don’t know where I am!  I couldn’t help but giggle but after that whatya found a nice new avatar, dress and managed to find the hair from the old Avi to put on, I was impressed!. Unfortunately Burnsy couldn’t manage the hang of it and we had to leave it for another time.

Our next meeting was at cape able gallery, I was meeting with treasure and Eme of cape able, so they could add me to the group, I could then create items on the property, once added, I began to try out a few things, stretch my digital legs as it were, I found some frames, added the painting textures to the frames, they looked fabulous, it was suggested I leave the group paintings without frames, to highlight the difference between the individual and group paintings, I agreed. I decided the groups would be nicer around the entrance as there were the right amount of spaces to showcase them and began uploading textures into frames, I left the group painting for the others to contemplate where they would go, and began to co-ordinate the walls by the hues in the paintings that complement each other, there were greens placed on one wall, pinks and oranges on the opposite, the blue tones to the right side of the entrance and more orange and yellow hues to the left side of the entrance, once roughly in place, I began arrange the groups in a colour based themes leading from the individual paintings up to the entrance, I found a perfect balance of the reds and blacks and was quite happy with the results. I then helped Burnsy with her Avatar for a bit and emailed Eme a list of names for nameplates to be placed under the paintings after aligning the paintings the best I could.

I returned the next morning to place the name plates Eme had made for the paintings, I began making boxes under the paintings and applying the textures to each surface then placing, aligning the on the wall and scaling them, there were a few spelling mistakes which fortunately Eme made some replacements and I re-applied the new textures as soon as I received them, AlxMways painting had to be re adjusted and uploaded and Yoshurdoshurs painting was finally located and placed, then we were all set for opening later.

when I arrived I met Mook, treasure and Suellen Mook told me how to brighten up the images and i ran around quickly brightened them all. i gave the note card which contained a Bio of the work and a description of the exhibition made by mook to treasure so guests have a real grasp of the display and its focus the group images were physically painted by us at our college we were asked to respond to the question “is one life enough?” Deeuwan, Inchydoney and I came up with the possibilities of utopian, heterotopian and dystopian places being a mindset, and in a way you can find whatever you chose in the physical world, be it, in the land, objects or place, it is all up to what you perceive… Inchy chose the dystopic shackles used in prisons, we decided to combine it with a section from the Abbey on Sherkin Island in the background, we painted a utopic object, and above we painted a utopic sky, combined with a brain landscape dripping with thoughts of different lives.

The night was a great success everything ran fairly smoothly, there was even a Dj organised for afterwards so I stayed for a dance and a giggle with the cape able crew, who are all really talented lovely people a pleasure to meet and work with. the exhibition will be there for a while, really proud of how it turned out.




A glimpse into the development of Sitearm Madonna.

This week we met for a lecture from Sitearm Maddona and his transition from character to character refining it he started to hone in on his feminine essence basing his Avi on  greek goddess Artemis a powerful female figure, Sitearm being an anagram of Artemis, he used this persona to his advantage to advance in his career in SL and did so very successfully, being romanticized by wealthy SL gentlemen… who wouldn’t like being spoilt, picked up in fancy cars, treated like a goddess, the goddess he wanted to be. The only problem arose when some of the business partners that wanted to pursue him as a female, discovered he was male on the voice chat when it was introduced to SL, they became confused and bitter towards Sitearm, over all as a female Avi he was able to make a reputation for being a good worker on sl organising events, so I admire his skills and technique when portraying himself as a feminine force. There was mention about going shopping on the weekend. I really loved the 9th mesh skin its beautiful.


Mini Exhibition.

Quite a large group of avatars were at the D.I.T mini- Exhibition when I logged in there, I had a look around and was pretty pleased with the overall look of the works set up on the walls, they looked fabulous in digital format, we waited a few moments and were introduced to our guests from Ability Island. We started viewing on the lower floor with Alxmway’s opening piece, an emotional piece, as she had felt shut out of the group in ways, this is a powerful piece, a distant beautiful landscape looking out towards Sherkin island, locked away through the view of the keyhole… next was Yashurdoshur’s self-portrait reflection, in a pool, beautiful pastels,  next was Jackmittens’s view through a doorway in the friary on Sherkin, beautifully painted, the light was welcoming, mine own piece was next, I painted the friary on sherkin, comments were  made about the clouds, depicting movement, I was asked about how I scaled the image, I used points on the building to align with different parts of the image, also creating a three-dimensional depth with the stone in the foreground. friary in middle and Balitmore beacon and beyond,  I liked this image because within each layer of distance, there is an object or building or focus in each layer… next was Saoise’s bridge a beautiful, cosy dreamy place, with a fantastic use of colours in the shade… Unfortunately several students could not attend the exhibition that evening and we briefly took a look at theirs, then proceeded upstairs to the second level to view Chipvancorners work, a cool blue scene that calmed the eyes,  onto whatchamacallits graveyard, it was not a creepy graveyard, more of an inviting one, in the use of light colors, still and calm…  On to Burnseygirl’s frary on sherkin, the neutral colours gave it an aged look, thought as if caught in a memory, Burnsey described a similar feeling when visiting the friary, to a memory of finding her own family in a similar place, this was mirrored, and the emotional memory came through in her work… next was Shaidadme’s retirement home, concealed through overgrown bushes, locked away from view, the piece was light, and it gave me a sense of being outdoors, in the fresh air, and I really felt the stifled feeling the elderly must feel, living in the home… next was Freddymcfreddy’s boat landscape, painted  and digitally enhanced scene in analogous colour scheme a very nice complementary colour scheme, well shaded… last but not least was Deeuwan’s garden scene, deep within the foliage, fantastic greens and shades going through the blades…  The exhibition I found to be a great success,  quite an eye opener to the perks of digital Art exhibitions, it ran very smoothly, tho missing the finishing touches like signatures on our work… After the exhibition, we were invited to Cape Able to an Art Exhibition about a real life love story, thanks to the use of Secondlife bringing two people together in their real lives, really touching photos. An interactive piece depicting the seasons, spring summer etc… with a tree that also changed seasons. We then viewed Secondlife photography and Digital Art by slatan dryke which I was impressed with and really liked most of his work.



Week 11: Mini Exhibition and Teamwork.

During the week, I arranged a meeting with the curators, mainly to show each member how to upload images and place them onto a surface is SL and secondly to manipulate an object into the shape of a canvas. Freedymcfredy, Whatchamacallit and Burnsygirl met me in D.I.T, lots of members had problems uploading their images because the secondlife viewer uses a lot of R.A.M and crashes laptops. Fortunately, I was recommended a lighter program for using in my laptop call singularity, I further recommended it to any members with uploading problems, and it worked perfectly… whatchamacallit asked me to write a simple list of instructions for the whole group to view on and post it on our facebook group page… we got around 4 paintings up that evening, I was on site for anyone that needed help on the day before the event, helped to place 4 paintings, including my own… the place was looking fantastic!!!




Week 10 : Team work Structures.

This week we gathered to discuss the structure of what makes good teamwork as there are quite a few roles I noticed within a group of 3 our roles will be overlapping and as john mentioned interchanging as needed, we were asked to share our successes and failures whilst working as a part of a group, Deeuwan shared an experience where two people struggled fro control over the project forcing her to leave, john added there may have been a calm after the storm, that part dee was not aware of, and would have stuck with it, if aware of the “storming and norming” structure of successful teamworking. luckily I can’t recall any group events that haven’t worked smoothly, as long as everyone has kept to their job, and pitched in when needed,it all worked out perfectly. As for my role in the larger group, I have put myself forward as general tech support. meeting with the curators after class to give them some pointers, and arrange a meeting in Secondlife to give demonstrations, to at least one of each group.

We have readings for next week’s class and to have our photos uploaded and mounted on D.I.T walls.



Week 9: Secondlife Exhibition

This week we met to discuss the organisation of a exhibition within sl, I was asked to upload and place the Artworks around the exhibition space at Cape Able gallery, I was delighted to accept so I could put my building practice to good use, I asked whatyamacallit to pass on copies of all of the Art works to my email address so I could upload them to secondlife, and asked for additional funds to upload the images Burnsy, whatya and Freddy have me 350L$ and I had most of the Lindens from acuppatea. Burnsy, whatya and I then headed for the shops to grab some new gowns for the event,  I also offered to teach them how to add and remove items, we went to a fancy shop called kastle Couture and then on to Newbie World, grabbed more free bits and tried on some clothes in their changing rooms, at one point I completely lost whatya, I got a message sayin” help I’m naked and I don’t know where I am!” I teleported her back swiftly but couldn’t resist the giggles, whatya actually found a really beautiful avatar and managed to find the hair from her original avi and was sorted, unfortunately burnsy had troubles when it came to keeping the original avatar and applying a dress so we had to leave it for another time.

 I was just waiting to be added to the Ability Island group and be shown the space, so I could (Rez) create items there,  I visited a free shop to buy some easels and picture frames (framing kits) that I spotted previously on sl…after chasing a few artworks down from the group it was only amarcordcat that couldn’t manage to get hold of to pass on a individual paining…. I met with burnsy, Freddy and whatya in cape able to be added to the group meet Treasure, Eme and see the space,  Eme was going to help me by creating name plates for the paintings and I was to provide a list of all participants for Eme by email, I was show the exhibition space and began to rez a few frames and stretch my creative digital legs tring different scales and figuring out the layout potential for the space

Week 8: Heterotopias

We met in D.I.T, Secondlife to discuss “Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias” by Philosopher Michel Foucault…in the text, he discusses the differences between Utopias, dystopias and Heterotopias… Utopias; being places that do not exist in reality that mirror a perfect society, or different societies contrary to reality itself. Heterotopias are real places in the world, that we may visit freely within our societies, to engage in an experience or a reality, in which you experience yourself being placed into an alternate environment, even in the concept of a mirror, in that moment, when you gaze upon yourself in a mirror you perceive yourself in an alternate space to your reality. This concept could also be applied to an experience, in which you immerse yourself in, other than that of physically living life… Places you may have an experience for example… churches, libraries or graveyards etc… When applying this concept to Art, the immersion within a exhibitions, is a view into the Artist’s vision, it can be a experience that stays with you in memory, it can please, shock, inform and teach on numerous levels, make a person change their perception of life,  even if, it’s only for the time they experience it. Secondlife or role play games are heterotopic and now many of us own, devices in mirror form to access numerous heterotopias, utopias or if we want dystopias, as we immerse ourselves into the online societies, with our online personas. Snapshot_003 (2)

Week 7: Secondlife Universities


We met in DIT in SL and were teleported to a Secondlife training ground, unfortunately we had no voice interaction,only having the text box for discussion, which caused many questions to be over looked.

The grounds were used to make movies, there were places to learn how to build in sl and nurses attended training simulators there. I really find all the possibilities intriguing here. We were shown a area dedicated to communicating the opinions of the students before the ability to use voice on SL, the area had a device built in it with sections, dividing the opinions from strongly disagree to strongly agree, then generating a pie chart in the centre of the structure whenever a avitar entered the section, the results could be easily analysed … it worked really well.



Week 6: Disscussion



This week we started by discussing our personal feelings towards the virtual ability community, some of us feel this place would have helped others in similar situations to have a more fulfilling lives. I myself have been unable to physically go out much, due to back injuries, second life has allowed me to participate in lessons, also have some sort of social interaction over the last few weeks with ease and comfort, overall it has been a eye-opening experience to the positive and negative aspects, of living a digital life.

We discussed the beauty found throughout SL, many places visually are beautifully designed there, we discussed the possibility of doing a exhibition within ability island, which will be arranged over the coming weeks with Gentle Heron.

We discussed some of the topics raised in Richard Nobles lecture, ” The Politics of Utopia.” in which he addresses the effects on political based Art; because of its motives, often ones of autonomic intentions, often can become instrumentalised, leading in arrests of the Artist, focusing on the intentions delivered through the piece and inherently devaluing it as a work of Art.